Someone Like Summer By:M. E. Kerr

3 Rams-A Good Read


Back-of-the-Book Summary:

The love of 2 teenage kids from Seaview began from the soccer field..Annabels father develops a girlfriend who reminds Annabel and Kenyon of their mother,which makes them feel happy for their dad.But when Esteban filled in for one of Annabels fathers workers,he worked on off time on the ceiling and made a mistake.Annabels father then decided she couldn’t see him anymore.But Annabel wasn’t letting that get to her.Annabel & Esteban meet wherever they can,knowing they won’t get caught by her father.Mainly at the beach for a picnic or a late night hang out.


Personal Response:

You should read this book because its about a summer when 2 teenagers fall in love and they can’t be apart from one another.This is a good book because of the it shows how the kids react too the things that happen.My favorite part of the book so far has been when Annabel & Esteban manage to meet wherever they can.A person who would like to read this book would be anyone who is into lovey stuff.

One thought on “Someone Like Summer By:M. E. Kerr

  1. dear courtbutt..umm this sounds like a quite intresting book..(theres an adverb or somethinhg for ya) but anyways..this sounds like a very good book…thank u for informing me about the books i should read darling..=]] pcee


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